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Who are we?

We are a team of producers and managers who have gathered years of experience working for international media companies. We came accross each other while creating the Nasper's owned SVOD platform Showmax.  We decided to stick together and create an independent film and TV production studio.

Maciej Sojka - Managing Director

Co-creator and managing director of the TVN24 news channel. Creator of the Telewizja N satellite platform. Head of the Partnership program at YouTube in Central Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. As the managing director of Showmax, Maciej co-produced Wojtek Smarzowski's The Clergy and produced Patryk Vega's Mafia Women, among others. One of the producers of Jan Holoubek's premium crime/drama series The Mire (currently on Netflix)

Maciej Sojka, Managing Director at Orphan Studio

Jerzy Dzięgielewski - Head of Production

Produced award winning documentaries, drama series (local InTreatment), and stand up comedy for HBO Poland. Managed youth brands at Viacom CEE (MTV, VH1) and was in charge of adapting hit formats such as the Jersey Shore format (Warsaw Shore) and Drunk History.

At Showmax Jerzy headed the content department. Co-producer of Wojtek Smarzowski's The Clergy. Producer of Patryka Vega's The Plagues of Breslau, and Jan Holoubek's series The Mire.  Produced the Polish version of Saturday Night Live.

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Roman Szczepanik - Head of Talents

Experienced top level People specialist. Head of HR at TVN24, the ITI Group, and at Ringier Axel Springer. Specializes in recruitment and building top quality  creative teams.  Expert at establishing and maintaining fruitful relations with members of the creative community.  At Showmax, apart from heading up the People department, Roman negotiated numerous contract with creatives and their agents. 


Paweł Heba - Head of Marketing and Strategy

Content strategy expert. Headed content strategy at Viacom CEE and Nordics. Director of content and marketing at A+E Networks (History, C+I Polsat, Lifetime). At Showmax, Pawel was responsible for content strategy and acquisition. He negotiated numerous deals with major Hollywood studios and independents. Creative Director and producer of premium audio content for Empik Group.

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What do we do?


Development of films and series

We develop film and series projects from concepts to finished screenplays. We secure adaptation rights and life story rights. We work with individual writers and writing teams. We put together production departments which are just right for the project. We manage the financing and legal aspects of all types of content production

Production and co-production

We manage the production of our own film and TV projects, but we also handle production for other entities: (networks, platforms, partner producers) We oversee our own projects and co-productions from the editorial, technical, financial, and legal perspective

Servicing foreign entities

We service film and TV projects at all stages of production for entities looking to produce, in whole, or partially, in Poland. We will gracefully take you through the whole process of receiving up to 30% cash rebates for your production, now available in Poland 

Strona Głowna: Services
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Our projects

Operation: Nation

"Operation: Nation" is a comedy firecracker about the love of a nationalist for a leftist, which reflects the absurdities and divisions plaguing Poland. Starring Maciej Musiałowski and Borys Szyc as the nationalists and Antoni Królikowski and Magdalena Maścianica in the roles of left-wing activists. Get ready for a Polish-Polish clash full of crazy gags and comic misunderstandings, which will answer the questions: whether love is stronger than political views? Can a nationalist love a militant leftist nowadays? Here comes a film as explosive as TNT and as colorful as a rainbow!

Staszek (Maciej Musiałowski) lives in Białystok and is a member of the Radical Youth Association (Zrzeszenie Młodzieży Radykalnej), abbreviated as ZMR. He is not a radical himself, but being a part of ZMR gives him strength and a sense of purpose. Fulfilling the orders of ZMR's charismatic leader - Roman (Borys Szyc), Staszek and the rest of his buddies engage in patriotic activities that are intended to give the organisation the publicity it deserves. Unfortunately, most of them end in failure and total disaster... 

During one of such tasks, Staszek meets Pola (Magdalena Maścianica), a young left-wing activist who recently broke up with her boyfriend, Kajetan (Antoni Królikowski). Staszek, enchanted by the girl, decides to hide his membership in ZMR from her. Soon, the couple in love will become the Romeo and Juliet of two opposing camps: national and hipster-left. The "forbidden love" of our young heroes will lead to a series of surprising events, the finale of which will take place in Warsaw, during the celebration of the largest Equality Parade in history. 

"Operation: Nation" is the directorial debut of Piotr Kumik, co-creator of "SNL Polska" and director of the series "We have it!"

For a moment, forever

Film Synopsis:

Pola (Martyna Byczkowska) is rockin' the music scene – at just 22 she is selling out venues and has an army of fans. Fame comes at a price though. One night, right after one of her flashy concerts, Pola gets into her vintage car drunk and causes an accident. Her father and manager (Ireneusz Czop) launches a cover up, thanks to which she avoids jail, but is put in a rehab clinic for young adults, where she serves community hours by assisting in musical therapy.  There she meets Borys (Paweł Domagała) – a charismatic instructor/therapist known for his unconventional healing methods. Borys was once a popular musician himself but fell into all the traps of young stardom. Despite a rather chilly start, Pola and Borys begin to get close to one another.  They share a passion for music and have both done things they regret. Unfortunately, past secrets and Pola's lingering career begin to stand in the way of the growing affection between the two. Will they manage to overcome these obstacles and will their meeting be something more than just a random collision of wondering souls?  


"Feelings play the main role in this film. It is full of music and emotional scenes, but most importantly it carries a message which is particularly important to me - it is never too late for redemption." 

Paweł Domagała, Borys

For a moment, forever is our first feature length production as an independent film studio. The concept for this full-bodied melodrama popped into our heads towards the end of 2018. The project started to attract great talent. First on board was the actor and musician Paweł Domagała (co-author of the screenplay). Next came the fantastic duo Mirella Zaradkiewicz and Magda Wiśniewolska (screenwriters) and the awarded director Piotr Trzaskalski. Together they created a script, which combines classic melodrama with social and dramatic themes. Paweł Domagała stars alongside the stunning Martyna Byczkowska, Ireneusz Czop, Olaf Lubaszenko, Tomasz Włosok, and Kinga Preis. Outstanding cinematography (Witek Płóciennik), casting (Nadia Lebik), stage design (Radosław Zielonka), costume design (Zofia Komasa), hair and make up (Daria Siejak), and music (Łukasz Borowiecki, Paweł Domagała) contributed to this amazing film, which we are very much proud of. 

It is difficult to thank all the contributors at once but one thing has to be stated here fo sure: We would have never been able to do this without you. Thank you! 


An intense bond forms between two high school students as they overcome the challenges of discovering and expressing their truest selves.

Tosia (Alin Szewczyk) is perceived by other kids as an outsider. She feels lost in the world, and has found her way of escaping from it by writing fanfiction stories online. When Leon (Jan Cięciara), a new student appears at school, previously unknown feelings begin to arise in Tosia. There began a journey of discovering oneself's true identity, and understanding, that Tosia is a boy, Tosiek.

Fanfic is something we're incredibly proud of - it was produced for Netflix, as an adaptation of a wonderful book by Natalia Osińska. Marta Karwowska not only directed the film, but also co-starred with Grzegorz Jaroszuk to create the script for this unique movie. We wanted to create a universal film in which our insight on the sensitivity of teenagers would not be fake, at the same time not being overly naturalistic. During the creation of the film, we worked closely with the LGBTQ+ community in Poland, who brought their world a little closer to us.


You can read about it below :)

We Are Perfect

The film shows the story of the LGBTQ+ people in Poland who applied for the role of Tosiek in our "Fanfic". The casting participants do not know each other, but they face the same problems every day: they live in a world that makes them feel that they are not welcome in it. In a mosaic film form, we move to their everyday reality and see how they really live like in Poland. Will they find their way in a world that forces them to define themselves as an ideal woman or an ideal man? How will they cope with the feeling of not meeting the expectations of society and their parents?

"We Are Perfect" is a universal story about a world that closes us and traps us in a simplifying pattern in which only what is feminine and masculine exists. From an early age, social norms force us to adopt certain ways of behaving that define us as an ideal woman or an ideal man. Isn't this framework too much of a simplification? Doesn't this simplification close us off to a deeper understanding of the world, ourselves and the people around us? Our heroes and their stories will help us all understand and familiarize ourselves with non-binary and help those who - like the teenagers taking part in the casting - live with it every day.

-Marek Kozakiewicz, film director

Mr. Car and

The Knights Templar

Mr. Tomasz (Mateusz Janicki), a famous art historian, treasure hunter and owner of a rather unusual car, comes across the trail of an old Templar treasure, holding the key to great powers that could upset the balance of good and evil in the world. Supported by local scouts, Mr. Car begins his great race against time and a hostile organization, the stake of which is the heritage of knightly orders. 

Creating Mr. Car together with the director, Antoni Nykowski, we wanted to skill-fully adapt Zbigniew Nienacki's cult novel to contemporary realities. We wanted to reflect the book's atmosphere, but not dogmatically stick to its content, so that the film could be enjoyed across generations.

This is why our take on Mr. Tomasz is unique. The hero, despite his natural charisma, does not seem to be clearly good. As the treasure hunt progresses, he's faced with difficult moral choices, which force him to transform on the inside.